Lycon Waxing Treatment

Waxing by using Lycon waxes is a quick and effective treatment to remove unwanted hair. Hair is pulled out by the roots, which results in slow regrowth. With subsequent treatments hair becomes thinner and less noticeable. This treatment is an extremely precise method of hair depilation, which removes even very short hair.

Lycon is a leader on wax hair removal market and is used  by the most exclusive beauty salons and spas around the world. In the group of faithful fans of this depilation we can find, among others Victoria Beckham and Sienna Miller.

The company was founded in Australia in 1978 by the world-renowned cosmetologist Lydia Jordane. The intention of the founder was to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customer. Thanks to numerous research and tests conducted over the years, Lydia has created an extensive line of wax and skin care cosmetics. Lycon uses only natural ingredients including aromatherapy oils and the highest quality resins for production waxes.  Lycon waxes are extremely flexible, they shrink and firmly grasp hair and remove even the shortest one. The low melting temperature in combination with a soft waxy formulation give to waxes nutritionally-regenerating properties. Treatments using Lycon products leave the skin soft and pleasant to touch for a period of up to two weeks.

Advantages of using Lycon:

- Fast, efficient and precise method;

- Removes even very short hair;

- For most customers it is painless;

- Lycon waxes have nutritional properties;

- Smooth skin and pleasant to touch, even up to two weeks;

- Lycon waxes have a very pleasant smell, so that treatment becomes even more comfortable;

In our salon we use both: the soft wax, which is designed for hair removal in large areas and the hard wax, which is used to depilate more sensitive surfaces, such as underarms or bikini.

Preparation before the treatment:

- Optimum hair length should be 3 - 5 mm;

- The day preceding the treatment it is recommended to do the scrub that removes dead skin;

- At least 24 hours before treatment, do not tan the skin;

After the treatment:

- At least a day after waxing, the body should not be exposed to UV rays (sunlight and tanning);

- For underarm hair removal it is not recommended to use deodorant for 24 hours;

- One day after the procedure the sauna or other ways of skin heating are not advised


- Cuts, wounds;

- Skin irritation;

- Rash;

- Herpes;

- Photosensitivity medicines








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