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Your Problem:

- discolorations of different origin
- uneven skin tone
- lines and wrinkles
- hyperkeratosis of the skin
- signs of the passage of time
- inflammatory acne of medium intensity

Our Solution:

- Jadwiga Acids the treatment brightens and nourishes the skin
- Polish Herbal Peeling Jadwiga
- Melo-Speel Sesdermatreatment with retinol for skin discoloration

- INNO-EXFO LIGHTENING - An affordable alternative to Cosmelan treatment! A force of seven highly active ingredients designed to renew and lighten skin discolorations of all types.

Discolorations are one of the most common skin defects, which very easily appear on our skin, but their removal is time consuming and difficult. In order to get the best results of discoloration  therapy, combine treatments performed by professionals with the appropriate home care.

What is the cause of the discoloration?
- intense UV radiation
- hormonal changes which happen during pregnancy
- thyroid gland disease
- the use of drugs and cosmetics that sensitize the skin to the sun
- inflammatory acne and scars
- genetic predisposition, for example freckles

Jadwiga EKSFOLIATOR AHA I BHA is a product based on glycolic and salicylic acid. It is performed in a series of treatments. Beyond to the moisturizing action and cleansing the skin, it gives peeling effect and removes cosmetic defects. By reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum it increases skin firmness and tenacity.

Indications: almost every complexion, particularly: seborrheic, prone to oiliness, acne (acne papulous - pustular), with blackheads, acne scars, sun hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, with the first signs of aging, mature, limp and dry skin.

The effect of the treatment: removal of the outer layer of the epidermis causes deep cleansing and unblocks pores, revitalizes, refreshes and brightens the skin. After the procedure, it becomes smooth, radiant and hydrated.

The treatment does not limit professional activity, does not exclude from everyday life. The skin peels off gradually, almost invisibly.

Treatment contraindications: irritation, acne in an active phase, herpes, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, damaged skin (cuts, abrasions).

Polish Herbal Peeling Jadwiga according to method and patent MA Jadwiga Użyczyn-Marszewski is a procedure aimed at medium and deep exfoliation of the skin. It is based exclusively on vegetal ingredients of Polish origin. The main indications for surgery are skin defects, not complexion type or age.


- Contaminated skin
- Tendency to blackheads
- Excessive secretion of sebum
- Tendency to inflammation
- Discoloration
- Scars
- Furrows
- Extended sebaceous glands
- Keratosis
- Loose skin
- Signs of skin aging

- Active acne or rosacea
- Skin diseases
- Large number of moles
- Allergy to pollen
- Allergy to any component of the peeling
- Shallow vascularized skin
- Depression and diseases of the nervous base
- Pregnancy
- Tetracycline based medicines, steroids, vitamin A derivatives

- Smoothing out acne scars
- Narrowing the pores of the skin
- Rejuvenation of the skin through collagen and elastin production
- Elimination of hyperkeratosis of the epidermis
- Reducing discoloration
- Smoothing out wrinkles 

MELASPEEL Sesderma - treatment with retinol for skin discoloration. Melaspeel is a procedure that use a blend of: lactic acid, citric acid, kojic and salicylic acid and alpha-arbutin, which reduce hyperpigmentation. In conjunction with retinol occlusion  we achieve a very good effect of lightening the discoloration, reducing the depth of wrinkles and improving skin elasticity.

Indications for treatment:
- Facial skin discoloration from various origins
- Uneven skin tone

The product is applied in our salon. The client  washes it out after 8 hours.
The process of exfoliation and removal of stains takes place in the coming days after the treatment.
The procedure can be performed in a series, once a month.

3-4 weeks after the treatment it is not recommended to sunbathe. Fotoprotection for skin prone to discoloration should be maintained year-round.

- Allergy to ingredients
- Interrupted continuity of the epidermis
- Herpes
- Pregnancy
- Tumors
Price of the treatment: 330 zł


The unique composition of peeling: derivative of vitamin A - retinoic acid and active depigmentative, anti-oxidant and anti-aging ingredients. These products have advanced synergy which by acting at different levels of the skin  brings the best results.
Active ingredients:
- Lactic acid at 10%
- Retinol 3%
- Salicylic acid 6%
- Kojic acid 1%
- Arbutin 1%
- Emblica 1%
- Folic acid

Treatment INNO-EXFO Lightening is an effective lightning therapy, which also helps oily skin to restore balance.  After the treatment skin becomes smooth, elastic and regains its natural glow.

The effects of INNO-EXFO Lightening:
- Reduction of discoloration of various origins
- Intensive reconstruction of the epidermis
- Regeneration of collagen fibers
- Improvement of skin elasticity and tension
- Smoothing of the stratum corneum

Characteristics of INNO-EXFO Lightening treatment:
- peeling from low to moderate levels
- recovery time: 7 days for a full skin renewal
- the number of treatments in a series:  approximately 3, depending on the scale of the problem

IMPORTANT: We suggest to perform the treatment on Wednesday, due to the increased exfoliation, which starts 2 days after the treatment.
In order to achieve the desired effect of the treatment, it is extremely important to combine it with home therapy. Unlike other complicated and expensive skin whitening systems, INNO-EXFO Lightening has a simple and one-step post treatment care.

Dark Spot Eraser 24 H Cream is suggested especially for  strengthening and extension after INNO-EXFO Lightening treatment. Product effectively inhibits the production of melanin, thus preventing the formation of new stains and brightening the existing ones. The cosmetic should be used once a day at night or as directed by a cosmetologist.
Active ingredients:
- Glycolic acid
- Salicylic acid
- Niacinamide
- Glucosamine sulfate
- Retinol
- Extract of licorice
- Folic acid

- Discoloration of medium and strong intensity
- Sun damaged skin
- Prevention of discoloration

Contraindications for conducting  INNO EXFO Lightening theraphy:
- active herpes and other viral infections (e.g. HIV)
- bacterial and fungal infections
- active dermatoses (ATZ, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis)
- light therapy and isotretinoin
- pregnancy and lactation
- tanned skin
- the skin after treatments of radiation and chemotherapy
- warts
- open wounds and burns
- allergy to ingredients

treatment with retinol for skin discoloration




Top Stylists Hair Treatments





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