In Santhiya Institute we offer wide range of hairdressing services – from haircuts for women, men and children by day and evening updo and professional hair coloration or keratin hair straightening.
In our salon we engage Top Stylists with many years of experience, they are well-known not only for their exepctional skills but also for individual approach to every customer. 

Hairdressing is a real passion for them and every pleased client provides them a huge feeling of satisfaction.

We work with the best brands for hair coloration – Kemon and Alfaparf- products which keep a unique color and shine for a long time.
An excellent cut reflects our view to the world of hairdressing – in it you can find the source of our hairstyles ideas. We are keeping up to date with current trends, constantly developing and practicing in order to expectations of even the most demanding customer.

If you dream about original hairstyle, interesting haircut and beautiful, well-groomed hair, we invite you to visit Santhiya Institute.
Our hairdresser:
Anna Bajkowska.

There are severel her works:



Female haircut 80-120 PLN
daily styling gratis
Male haircut 50 PLN
daily styling gratis
Child haircut 30-60 PLN

Forelock 15 PLN
Beard trimming 20-40 PLN
Hair coloring
Coloring 190-270 PLN
haircut, styling and basic hair care gratis
Hair reflections 250-290 PLN
haircut, styling and basic hair care gratis
Baleyage 220-300 PLN
haircut, styling and basic hair care gratis
Ombre Hair coloring from 360 PLN
haircut, styling and basic hair care gratis
short hair 80-140 PLN
medium-length hair 120-300 PLN
long hair 200-500 PLN
Gray-hair-cover for men od 130 PLN
Hair styling
Daily styling
short hair 50 PLN
medium-length hair 70 PLN
long hair 90 PLN
Fancy styling
short hair 100 PLN
medium-length hair 120 PLN
long hair 160 PLN
Occasional styling
medium-length hair 160 PLN
long hair 200 PLN
Updo 150-300 PLN
Permanent hair straightening 300-500 PLN
Keratin hair straightening
short hair 370 PLN
medium-length hair 470 PLN
long hair 670 PLN
very long hair 870 PLN
Hair SPA and regeneration
Ampoule together with the treatment
Olaplex together with the treatment
SPA Reconstructor 
+ 60 PLN
+ 80 PLN 
80 PLN 



SANTHIYA Instytut Pięknego Ciała

Warszawa, Miasteczko Wilanów
ul. Kazachska 7/110
Wejście od ul. Branickiego 

Dostępny parking podziemny (wjazd od ulicy Kazachskiej)

Umów się na wizytę:

tel. 503 738 364

email: [javascript protected email address]

Serdecznie zapraszamy! 

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